as heard on radiospin on March 26th, 2014
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SOHN is a singer-songwriter and producer relocated from London to Austria in 2010, where he was able to further develop his unique sound in the growing electronica scene, with Tremors being being the result. In this pulsating debut, SOHN orchestrates a multitude of bleeps, glitchy synths and sounds. It is incredibly difficult to confine it to even a set of sub-genres, but the result could be best described as the lovechild of SBTRKT and The Weeknd. His lyrics tell tales of desire, desperation and sorrow, while musically it writhes everywhere from tranquillity to subtle euphoria. It’s rare that a track can drown you in misery and be able to pull you out of it the space of a few minutes. Here, there’s an entire album. Tremors is thought-provoking and emotion-charged. Be prepared for repeated listening as there’s so much to digest, and have a box of tissues handy before hitting PLAY.

Sohn - Tremors

TITLE: Tremors
RELEASE DATE: April 8, 2014
TIME: 41:28 min.
PURCHASE: price – 14.98$

01. Tempest [03:31]
02. The Wheel [03:54]
03. Artifice [03:19]
04. Bloodflows [04:21]
05. Ransom Notes [04:29]
06. Paralysed [03:09]
07. Fool [03:40]
08. Lights [04:31]
09. Veto [03:55]
10. Lessons [03:22]
11. Tremors [03:31]

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