Manic Street Preachers

Ten months after the release of their tender, acoustic, intimate, midlife crisis album Rewind the Film, the Welsh trio Manic Street Preachers are powering into festival season with a wildly energetic record fizz bang full of enduring political passion and new musical ideas. A gritty traction and relentless evolution, a steely sleekness of purpose (and real cohesion), while the band layer a vigorous variety of sounds and tempos on top to keep things interesting. Futurology is filled with familiar chunky punk riffs and shouted manifestos leave you in no doubt that this is still the Manics, but they add squeals of electronica, blasts of anthemic guitar, a sax solo and long dreamy strokes of the harp to the mix. Rewind the Film was served extremely well by guest vocalists Richard Hawley and Lucy Rose and here the Manics expand their sonic palette with a robotic Teutonic narrative from German actress Nina Hoss (the album was recorded in Berlin, indeed), bittersweet Eighties sighs from Scritti Politti frontman Green Gartside and soft Welsh mistiness from Georgia Jones. Though they have remained committed to the social issues, culture, alienation, boredom and despair they’ve been singing about since forming in 1986, the band sound like they’re renewing their vows. And they’re welcome.

Manic Street Preachers - Futurology

Dark Sky

Carlo Anderson, Matthew Benyayer, and Thomas Edwards have been making and releasing music together as Dark Sky for over five years now. Following the string of experimental twelve inches they’ve issued on the likes of Black Acre, 50 Weapons and Mister Saturday Night, they’ve taken a different tack with each and every record. Their sound is as evolutionary as their creative minds and hence it was the logical next step for them to tackle the long play format. Their 10th official release & album debut Imagin has finally landed on Modeselektor’s own Monkeytown Records. Featuring collaborations with vocalists Grey Reverend, Cornelia and the one and only d-Bridge, the album is an interesting and adventurous step to the side of the dance floor, although that distinctive UK essence that’s been so omnipresent in their bass-centric, atmospheric sound prevails.

Dark Sky - Imagin

Röyksopp & Robyn
Do It Again

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Swedish pop star Robyn and Röyksopp, the Norwegian electro-pop duo of Svein Berge and Torbjorn Brundtland, are going on the road together this summer, and this five-song EP, which sprawls to 35 minutes, arrives just in time for the merch table. Undulating rhythms that creep and crawl to create a trance-like beauty, with a faint wash of horns midway in: this mini album it’s not thumping music for the club, it’s the soundtrack for when you get home. This EP will be the sleeper hit of the summer, whose effects won’t vibrate through the industry until the fall. But, that’s always been the case with Robyn. Maybe they don’t deserve this album, but, you know, is it necessary for pop to progress.

Röyksopp & Robyn - Do It Again

I Never Learn

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Swedish songstress Lykke Li returns after three years with her 3rd album I Never Learn. While the deep percussion and her 60s girl group vocals are still in evidence, we find her in gentler and more introspective form this time around. Chronicling the aftermath of a bitter break-up, many of the tracks deal with what comes after: that deep, aching hurt that is left behind when all the crockery has been smashed and the bags have been packed. While the background is wistful and sad, the pain is etched into the lyrics, a broken heart very obviously on a sleeve. Though her words may speak of her intention to keep love at bay, the fragility of her vocals, enveloped in the shimmering arrangement, give a sense that such promises may be hard to keep. Lykke Li has channeled her grief into to something beautiful, a stunning break-up album that will resonate with anyone who has ever had a heart.

Lykke Li - I Never Learn

ARTIST: Lykke Li
TITLE: I Never Learn
LABEL: Atlantic
RELEASE DATE: May 6, 2014
TIME: 33:14 min.
PURCHASE: price – 10.00$

01. I Never Learn [03:06]
02. No Rest For the Wicked [03:43]
03. Just Like A Dream [04:09]
04. Silver Line [04:00]
05. Gunshot [03:24]
06. Love Me Like I’m Not Made of Stone [03:47]
07. Never Gonna Love Again [04:01]
08. Heart of Steel [04:05]
09. Sleeping Alone [02:59]

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We Have Band return with their 3rd album Movements: 11 songs conceived in their East London basement studio, produced by band member Tom Wegg-Prosser with additional glitter added by Tim Goldsworthy (DFA Records, LCD Soundsystem, UNKLE). It is music from the sweaty hearts of husband and wife Tom and Dede and band mate Darren Bancroft. WHB toured their previous releases intensely, but now it’s about taking it back to the dance floor, the place that inspired them to make music together in the first steps. There was a simple rule when writing songs for this album: if they didn’t make the band move at first conception, then they didn’t make the cut. The result is an A list of deadly, ruthless and energetic cuts, all refined, polished and turned to gold by the magical hands and by the fantastic touch of the DFA producer.

We Have Band - Movements

ARTIST: We Have Band
TITLE: Movements
LABEL: Naïve
RELEASE DATE: May 6, 2014
TIME: 43:32 min.
PURCHASE: price – 34.82$

01. Modulate [04:29]
02. You Only [04:17]
03. Look the Way We Are [03:46]
04. Someone [03:51]
05. Save Myself [03:29]
06. No More Time [03:50]
07. Burning On My Lips [03:13]
08. Heart Jump [02:28]
09. Please [04:31]
10. Every Stone [04:17]
11. Blue [05:21]

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If It Looks Could Kill

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Danton Eeprom‘s latest album If It Looks Could Kill is the aftermath of an intense period at the controls of his purpose-built studio. The result is a record which is hybridised at its core, where pop songs gradually intertwine with dance floor values while sprinkling risqué references in the process. Doing things by the book has never been Danton’s forte. That might be the reason why the London-based Frenchman’s path is so atypical, it’s probably why he has never committed to a specific style or musical family either, when pretty much everyone else seems to be in a rush to “belong”. Mind you, if he had, he would certainly have bored you to tears a long time ago, and his releases would not be welcomed with a distinctive sense of “what has he done this time”. From the start it was clear Danton was in for a jolly good laugh, and trend-setters got it spot on when they started to embrace his deviant but addictive music. He was a man on a mission, and a mission he took really seriously at that: giving all he had, sweat, blood, beats and screaming synths, whenever he set foot in the main clubs of pretty much all the countries who have a knack for electronic music.

Danton Eeprom - If It Looks Could Kill

ARTIST: Danton Eeprom
TITLE: If It Looks Could Kill
RELEASE DATE: March 11, 2014
TIME: 55:57 min.
PURCHASE: special offer – ONLY 6.99$

01. Melodrama in Cinerama [03:04]
02. Biscotto & Chimpanzee [03:41]
03. Hex Tape [04:02]
04. Femdom [08:26]
05. All American Apparel [03:38]
06. Never Ask, Never Tell [05:36]
07. All Dressed Up (and nowhere to go) [04:49]
08. Occidental Damage [05:16]
09. Hungty For More [07:05]
10. All Eyes On Me [04:20]

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Present Tense

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Wild Beasts 4th album begins exactly as you might expect a Wild Beasts album to. There’s a waterfall of processed voices, like a crowded bar with the background chatter sung, a determined, quick-eyed rhythm, out there and looking for prey. But instead of this, Present Tense is a markedly different creature from their first three albums, and especially a significant move forward from 2011’s Top 20 LP Smother. Anyone hoping for a repeat of its neo-disco might be disappointed. This is a far more reflective affair, with the lyrical gymnasium packed away. A good thing: if they’d continued writing lines that pranced so high their balls had a habit of dropping out of their shorts, then Wild Beasts would have become boring very quickly. Then again, where do Wild Beasts fit in now? This is not rock music. This is not indie music. Someone (maybe themselves too) would like it to be pop music, and it should be, but one blast of commercial radio in a local shop will tell you that’s just not permitted. So please, don’t give a damn about it: Present Tense is Wild Beasts to the core, and it all makes for an album in which to lose yourself.

Wild Beasts - Present Tense

ARTIST: Wild Beasts
TITLE: Present Tense
LABEL: Domino
RELEASE DATE: February 25, 2014
TIME: 40:59 min.
PURCHASE: price – 11.99$

01. Wanderlust [04:55]
02. Nature Boy [03:33]
03. Mecca [03:45]
04. Sweet Spot [03:59]
05. Daughters [04:47]
06. Pregnant Pause [03:09]
07. A Simple Beautiful Truth [02:36]
08. A Dog’s Life [03:21]
09. Past Perfect [02:57]
10. New Life [04:37]
11. Palace [03:20]

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For a band initially hyped up under the dance-punk moniker (a tag they always seemed uncomfortable with), Liars haven’t spent much time actually trying to make people move. Their first six albums covered psychotic breakdowns in LA, disintegrating relationships and backwoods ritual, but there’s been very little to actually make you want to get up and strut. 7th set Mess illustrates this ambiguity perfectly. Being a Liars album, it is magnificent. But it could not give less of a bit about the fact you think that. This is rammed home by the fact that it is, in theory, Liars ‘dance’ record, a thing of pounding beats and pulsing electronic rhythms. With most dance music, though, you feel the makers considered your feelings: they usually want to make you dance, sometimes they want you to chill out, sometimes freak out. Mess doesn’t care about any of that: it’s simply great, primal slabs of electronic sound hewn into towering constructs that exist for no other purpose than to be Liars songs. It’s great, then. Obviously. Another ambitious statement from a band that has made a habit of reinventing themselves at every stage, while still, somehow, sounding uniquely like Liars.

Liars - Mess

RELEASE DATE: March 25, 2014
TIME: 55:12 min.
PURCHASE: price – 14.33$

01. Mask Maker [04:07]
02. Vox Turned D.E.D. [04:31]
03. I’m No Gold [06:10]
04. Pro Anti Anti [04:20]
05. Can’t Hear Well [03:26]
06. Mess On A Mission [04:05]
07. Darkslide [03:51]
08. Boyzone [04:41]
09. Dress Walker [04:03]
10. Perpetual Village [08:59]
11. Left Speaker Blown [06:59]

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German electronic DJ and producer Marco Niemerski (a.k.a. Tensnake) features some impressive collaborators on his highly-anticipated debut album Glow, including three time Grammy-award winner Stuart Price (aka Jacques Lu Cont, Les Rythemes Digitales, Thin White Duke, amongst other aliases) and R&B icon Nile Rodgers. Best known, until now, for his 2010 anthem Coma Cat (sampling Anthony & The Camps‘ 1986 hit What I Like), Tensnake has since spent time on a couple of EPs, a compilation and remixes for the likes of Lana Del Ray and Pet Shop Boys. An album he prepared in 2011 was lost when his hard drive crashed. On Glow, Rodgers’ influence can be heard instantly: addictive bass & straight-up funk rhythms, ready for a killer but yet nostalgic strobo-night. In the end, Glow explores a multitude of genres whilst sounding relevant: it honours the popular sounds of yesteryear whilst staying dancefloor significant.

Tensnake - Glow

ARTIST: Tensnake
LABEL: Astralwerks / Universal
RELEASE DATE: March 11, 2014
TIME: 63:44 min.
PURCHASE: price – 10.99$

01. First Song [02:32]
02. Love Sublime [03:59]
03. Pressure [03:51]
04. Feel of Love [03:51]
05. No Colour [03:23]
06. Ten Minutes [01:01]
07. Kill the Time [03:54]
08. Selfish [03:16]
09. Good Enough to Keep [03:27]
10. Holla [03:10]
11. Listen Everybody [07:36]
12. See Right Through [04:28]
13. No Relief [06:40]
14. Things Left to Say [04:14]
15. 58 BPM [04:14]
16. Last Song [04:25]

17. Love Sublime (duke dumont remix) [07:04]

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Too Much Information

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Maxïmo Park were a prime example of a band in the right place at the right time: since then, the parade of successful British guitar acts has continued to dwindle and the days of gold discs and massive media exposure for bands like Maxïmo Park are long gone. Too Much Information is the band’s fifth album and a valiant stab at recapturing the glory days: this is a record studded with some of the very best songs the band have ever recorded but it is ultimately let down by a number of very average tracks and an unevenness in terms of their approach. There seems to be two sides to Maxïmo Park on this album: the more guitar oriented side, harking back to their post-punk roots, and the newer, fresher electro-pop side that present the band in a completely different and curiously better light. It would be very easy to summarily dismiss Too Much Information as an album from a band that is past their best. But there is enough evidence here to support the notion that Maxïmo Park are worthy of renewed attention: a little more consistency and this could have been something special.

Maximo Park - Too Much Information

ARTIST: Maxïmo Park
TITLE: Too Much Information
RELEASE DATE: February 11, 2014
TIME: 35:44 min.
PURCHASE: price – 36.19$

01. Give, Get, Take [03:20]
02. Brain Cells [03:10]
03. Leave This Island [04:01]
04. Lydia, the Ink Will Never Dry [03:03]
05. My Blood Mind [03:43]
06. Is It True [03:47]
07. Drinking Martinis [03:31]
08. I Recognise the Light [02:17]
09. Midnight On the Hill [04:06]
10. Her Name Was Audre [02:01]
11. Where We’re Going [02:45]

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